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Papers Submission 

Directory of papers submission :

All interested, students, professors, engineers and researchers can submit their latest scientific findings, research, applications and their review article topics based on axes of paper submission of Congress while observing record format through the Control Panel of users. To do this you first need to register in website and create an account ( private Control Panel) then enter your own page and through and submit articles through the send menu.
* Paper presented at the congress will be accepted either English or Persian.
- It should be noted that the abstracts and essay together (full paper) are received and it’s not needed abstracts to be separately submitted.
- To know that paper submitters that only high academic quality articles after judging will be selected by teachers and scholars for presentation.
_ Maximum numbers of page for a complete article is 14 pages in total.
person registers paper will be respoponsible for paper Corresponding

Dear students and researchers note:

Those students and researchers who are needful for inception of judgments of their paper sooner than last declaration of judgments results, they can post their papers rather and then send an email included topic of paper and request code to secretariat of congress and request early judgment and put their paper in judgment section .for mentioned people, judgments results of papers will be declared utmost 10 days after posting paper. And providing acceptance by judgers committee, a certification will be issued for acceptance of paper.

Submitting Files of paper:

_ Congress users system will get two files:
1. DOC file of complete article in accordance with the instruction of paper record.
2. PDF file of complete article that exactly is conversion DOC file.
Pay attention please submission and registration of paper once will be successful that the site after completing submitting the form the tracking code is assigned. This code will be sent to the user's email and SMS mobile phone users

Pay attention to this point in sending files that:

Sending file is possible for you just once, so when you make sure your information of file is OK send it ,because after sending paper any change or replacement of submitted file or making change in authors name won’t be possible.

Important Dates


Dear user, if you have not registered please click the Register button. It is worth noting for submission and use of all facilities you must be registered .


Registration is free for all.

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