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1.civil engineering and constant development
- Built and performance management
- Concrete technology
- Numeral methods in civil engineering
- Way and transport
- Geotechnical and mine
- Hydraulic , resource of water
- Environment
- Tunnel engineering for area of city
- Topography, geodesy ,geometric
- Modern technologies in constructive materials and stuff and industrializing construction
- Ethic, challenge and value in civil engineering
- Safety, crisis management and in civil
- Computer and artificial intelligence in civil engineering
- Use of geology engineering in civil and geophysics in dike building
- GIS systems with emphasis on use of them in civil engineering
- Destruction engineering in construction industry
- Basics and principles of destruction engineering, management supervision Of destruction

2.structual engineering, earthquake and reforming quake
- Subterranean structures
- Value engineering
- Engineering of water resource, hydraulics and marine structures
- Synchronism shaping and architecture
- Development of city and utilizing native and modern stuff in structures
- Dynamics of structure and making resistant for quake
- Non-constructive structures and industrial
- Taint finding of quake in structures ways of reforming and make resistant structures
- Analysis and innovation in designing steel and concrete structures
- Usage of modern technology (quake separator,..)in quake reforming of structures
- Making city structures resistant Reform
- reformation of vital arteries ,structures and bridges
- structural safety in underground mines
- harden structures against fire and declaration of aspects of architecture
- effect of quake on space structures, building structures and special structures

3.architecture engineering and constant development
- Constancy architecture
- Architecture and urban identity
- Role of architecture in achievement to a constant build
- Aspects of architecture and traditional and Islamic urbanism in area
- Modern energies in architecture
- Methodology of architecture
- Methods and modern technologies in architecture
- Urban graphic and street architecture
- Effect of continent on native and constant architecture
- Patterns of native architecture
- Influence of native stuff on constant architecture
- Semantics of architecture and contemporary urbanism
- Efficacy of evolution of technology in architecture
- Constant architecture and intelligent building
- Architecture, climate change and circumstance of energy consumption.
- Schematization of energy in designs of architecture with a look on constant architecture
- Appearance architecture, native –knowing and beauty-knowing in architecture

4.Schematization ,management and urban designing
- Territorial and urban Schematization
- Urban skeletal Schematization
- Urban rights
- Civic management
- Urban design
- Urban project management
- Modern technologies use in urban development
- Partnership in urban affairs
- Crisis management
- Urban visages
- Urban tourism
- Reform and reconstruction of urban
- Effects of new technologies of built in urban texture

5.traffic engineering, transport and urban Infrastructure
- Vital artery and urban transport
- Transportation and constant development
- Technical structures and urban installation
- Decorating (way, railway, airport and seaport)
- Intelligent transport systems
- Transportation and urbanism Schematization
- Water and sewage and urban sub-base
- Geometric design of pathway
- Transportation systems and consistency of transportation in metropolises
- Traffic engineering and transportation Schematization
- Safety of transportation, traffic and risk
- Transportation systems management
- Instruction and culture traffic
- Public transportation, transportation economy
- Rules and precepts and en bloc management in traffic
- Non-motorized transportation

6.environment engineering and urban environment
- Green space and urban environment
- Cities and environment management system
- Urbanity and environment effects of it
- Problems of environment of metropolises
- Environmental effects of civil projects and urbanism in cities
- Engineering principles controlling of environmental pollutants in cities
- Environment management and constant development of cities
- Evaluation of environmental effects and environment engineering in cities
- Urban transportation, effects and solutions of it
- Urban ecology, green city and mechanisms of clean development
- Waste management in cities
- Urban sewage and infiltration of it
- Industrial development and ways of decreasing its effects
- Sameness and synchronism of development with environment Ecological
- Sameness and synchronism of development with environment Ecological
- Safety, hygiene and urban environment
- Urban design, appearance and environment reform

7.urbanism engineering and constant urban development
- Pattern and index of constant urban development
- Old texture and informal houses (challenges and solutions)
- Natural disasters and its effect on constant urban development
- Modern urbanism constant development
- Experiences of constant development in world and Iran
- Experiences of constant development in world and Iran
- Geography and constant urban and rural development
- Variation of city and its reason
- Knowing barriers and limitations and index of constant urban development
- Use of modern technologies in urban development
- Suitable reign and public partnership in constant urban development
- Development of tourism industry for constant urban development
- New cities and constant city development

8.constant urban appearance and development
- Consistency and urban appearance
- Definitions, contexts and visionary basics of urban appearance
- Schematization and management of urban appearance
- Constituent ingredients of countenance and urban appearance
- Pathology of urban appearance
- Pathology of urban appearance
- Appearance of Islamic cities and cities of Iran
- Natural appearance of city and traditional and modern cities
- Urban appearance, social problems and plural memoirs
- Symbols, signs and imaginative arts and urban appearance
- Urban appearance of old and historical textures
- Urban appearance of new textures
- Criterion and instructions of urban appearance and indexes

9.Repairing textures and monuments
- Historical textures
- Reforming monuments
- Urban rebuilding
- Reforming historical textures

10.culture, sociology and urban psychology
- Citizen and citizenship rights
- Urbanity culture and association in urban area
- Native and city cultures
- Environment psychology
- Cultural association and urban skeleton
- Urban culture and development
- Cultural-Social consistency in city
- Culture and urban transportation
- Culture and urban geography
- Urban culture and management
- Culture crystallization in urban appearance and visage
- Role of Institutionalization of culture in urbanism
- Culture, identity and urban appearance

11.crisis and risk management and solutions for creating universal crisis management
- Natural disasters and solutions to reduce risk
- Missing links in the chain of Executive of Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRM)
- Differences between crisis management, opposition management, urgent conditions management and rehabilitation managemen
- Rehabilitate and capacity making for Research team and rescue team
- Public partnership and capacity making, climate change and challenges of Crisis management
- Ways and necessities for organizing universal crisis management system
- Role of data, information, technics, instruments and "decider" systems in intelligent accident management
- Event warning systems (EWS), rapid event evaluation system (RES)
- Making sustainable in a national, rural and urban size and Upgrade national sustainability and making cities sustainable (MCR)
- Planning, preparation and practical ways for Continuity of business BCM
- Transferring risk to third subject (insurance) Risk transfer
- Crisis management in Therapeutic and Sanitary systems
- Design and establishment of accident command systems HICS and HEICS

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