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Congress Goals 

1- The overall objectives of Congress :

•  International Congress of construction, architecture and urban development, intends to introduce scientific and practical potential for improving quality level of architecture, construction and urban development, and also investigation of requirements and essential of education taken the above step with the identification of attitude, modern experience and Analysis of modern theoretical and practical aspects of urban development, proceed to analyzing research and education
•  establishing and sustaining international dialogue in the field of concepts, ideas and theories associated with the axes of Congress
•  providing suitable opportunity for exchange of information and provision of new modern research findings among scientists, researchers, industrialists, students and practitioners in the field of civil engineering, architecture and urban development.
•  preparation of encourage of all organizations and active and effective individuals in order to use of new technologies in the management of urban systems
•  improve the knowledge of engineering community and the public on issues related to civil, structural, architectural and sustainable urban development
•  Develop and promote a culture of research and debate in topics Congress
•  introduce successful patterns of urban development in the world and the country and analyze it from different perspectives
•  establishing rapport and interaction between city managers and academics in architecture, construction and sustainable urban development
• setting up consultation meetings, discussions with the consulting engineers and provide practical experience in urban development
• set up more communication between scientific and administrative institutions to fulfill Congress Topics

2 - minor objectives of Congress :

•  Review challenges of specialized disciplines of Civil, Architectural, Urban Planning and the Environment
•  Encouraging the private sector to use new technologies in the construction of urban
•  Explore new ideas and technologies in form of axes of Congress
•  Review the problems of urban buildings, especially in aspect of architecture
•  Review barriers and strategies for sustainable urban development
•  Review existing models and Housing management and Urban Development
• Review Structural and architecture features and metropolitan coordinates by attitude of disaster
•  Introduction of new technologies through its exhibitions Side
•  Evaluation of water and energy issues and provide appropriate solutions for sustainable urban development and architecture
•  Role of Urban Management in optimize and provide appropriate models of development
•  identify and explain the characteristics of vernacular architecture of the metropolis identity
•  Review and provide strategies for effective engagement of civil and architecture, especially in the urban development
•  familiarize students with topics related to civil engineering, architecture and urban development
• Introduce new technologies in civil engineering, architecture and urban development
•  Create a favorable environment for the transfer of knowledge and new technologies to the country
•  To study the interactions between different parts of a comprehensive system of urban management departments on other sections
•  Familiarity with new concepts in structure, design and urban planning

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