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Object groups and Audiences of congress 

Professors, thinkers, managers, collegians of all branches of civil, architecture, urbanism, environment, planning and urban management.
Universities, research centers and all educational institute.
All institutions and policy maker organs in affairs of civil, architecture, urbanism, environment and urban development
Ministries, organizations, committees and active organizations in this field
Municipalities and subsidiary organizations and Islamic councils of city in whole country
Planning assistance and strategic oversight of Governors of whole country
Trade societies and public NGOs in fields of civil, architecture, environment and constant urban development
All adviser and executor corporations in civil and urban projects
All organizations, offices, institutions and policy maker organs in construction industry
Corporations and technical and engineering offices, contractors, Mass housing and managers
housing and urbanism organizations, housing foundations and construction engineering system of provinces
Urban railway organizations of metropolises
The ministries of way and housing

Important Dates


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