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Advantages of presence and services of congress 

•  Decision of papers submitted and publishment of papers accepted in succinct collection book of congress essays and also total interpolation of essays in congress CD.
•  Publishment of all selective essays of congress without any need to second decision in authentic journal of scientific, research , professional and ISI Registration of all interested for participating in congress at all conditions
•  Indexing and publishing of essays in book and CD of essay collection of congress, civic , SID, ISC and international authentic institution.
•  Granting congress package included succinct collection book, collection of complete essays CD, congress and sponsors present,
•  Granting statue and congress memorial
•  exporting International authentic certification of congress from England oxford institution
•  Granting international certification of congress in Persian and English
•  Decision of submitted photographs to photograph competition and publishing accepted photos
•  Giving various services for financial and virtual sponsors of congress (written in partnership and supporting menu of conference)
•  Participating in journey and research Tours
•  Benefiting from convenience of congress sponsors
•  Complete coverage of congress and professional exhibition by media and news
•  Providing international certification of acceptance, publishment and presenting essays for essay submitters
•  Providing international certification of presence and providing essay for essay donors and participants without essay
•  Providing an international 24hours educative certification for all participants
•  Providing a international certification of acceptance and publishment for owners of accepted photos
•  Set up professional panels
•  Familiarize with prominent professors of country and world and hundreds of delegate taskmasters and organizations in a short time
•  Possibility of face to face interaction and cooperation between professors, policy makers, managers and staff in part of civil, architecture, urbanism and environment
•  Absorbing maximum visitors from professional exhibition from whole country
•  Granting memorial and precious presents for prominent essays
•  Granting educative package of congress
•  Official invitation of all managers of state organizations

All certifications of congress has security holograms and prominent signet and private identity code which always could be inquired by mentioned code from certification identity qualification system from website of congress.

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