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Dear educated lecturers, researchers and university students 

Modern approaches on civil, structure and urbanization can be considered as an emphasis on the application of modern approaches to human, architect and urban development in which originalities such as society against individual, ethics against interests, quality against quantity are considered as common paradigms. In this regard, thought in urban development patterns, requires developing in a structural range named as city which covers part of developmental process and shaped upon combination of variables related to human life. Human from the beginning seek for shelter. As human civilizations are created, the issue for establishing road is raised. When human passed the primary stages of survival, and his dependency to nature reduces somehow, increasing social connections between humans and specifications of urban societies causes instability among him, natural and artificial setting and the modern today world faces with problems such as environmental, social, cultural, managerial, economic and structural. Ever-increasing of population and establishing structural changes in living changes the mechanisms such that nowadays it is seen that human is changed to expert architect in forming their surrounding space. Sustainable city is raised from developmental process which provides the mentality and possibility for permanent promotion of social, economic, ecologic health of city and region and transfer such mentality and possibility to reality and action. Civil, architecture and urban development are one of the important subjects at current era. Therefore along with developing urban sustainable development, the conditions shall be provided to provide the ground for civil and architectural subjects. Civil and development is inevitable issue and cannot be avoided. According to statistics published by Iran Statistics Center, the Iran urban population during 90 past years increases for about 26 times while rural population has increased 3 times. What is certain is that move toward development will be reached when the scientific and practical substructures are existed. Universities, engineering organizations, and other executive organs are guarantor and executor of establishing such substructures.

So the  secretariat of third international conference on civil, architecture and urban development according to the successful holding of previous conferences at Tabriz Islamic Art University and their widespread reflection intends to take the advantage of previous experiences, the honorable lecturers of well-known universities of Iran and the world and scientific and research institutes, is going to held the third international conference on civil, architecture and urban development at Tehran Shahid Beheshti University. This conference seeks to explain the subjective sand concepts of conference by gathering the experts, pundits, scholars, policy makers and mangers, related and interested organizations, consulting engineers, professionals and people interested in civil, architecture and urban sustainable development. It is a proper opportunity for exchanging ideas and providing new research findings in civil, structure, architecture, urban infrastructures and urban development. The motto of this conference "urban development a road toward future development" is an opportunity for gathering the experts, professionals and pundits about architecture, structure and urban development. Holding this conference, provides the possibility of exchanging ideas and a scientific relation with state and global universities and specialty centers about common concepts of architecture, structure, urban management, modern technologies, the effects in forming architecture and other related issues with conference topics. Accordingly the secretariat of third international conference on civil, architecture and urban development proudly invites all professionals, experts, university students, researchers and scientists of industrial, research and scientific centers to participate in various programs of this international conference and by presenting their last scientific and administrative achievements provide the opportunity to gain the above mentioned objectives.   

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